If you can’t launch your game or experiencing game breaking bugs please make sure to check our Forums for a solution.

Helpful Steps to Resolve Issues

  1. My game crashes or won't start at all
    Uninstall the game and reinstall using the most recent download from the Crytivo Store. This usually fixes most issues.
  2. Download hangs for a long time
    This happens with slower internet connections and during heavy loads on the download server. Please be patient
  3. Download Errors out and fails
    Please follow the instructions in this Article - I Get An Error Downloading The Universim

If you have trouble locating your issue or getting help from the community, please feel free to contact our support team. Please keep in mind, we’re receiving support tickets daily, we’re trying to respond to all requests within 48 hours (usually faster). Be patient and don't create multiple tickets with the same issue.

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