The Universim is continually evolving everyday with bug fixes and additional content. This is achieved due to most of our team members working remotely and spread around the world. The benefit to you, our loyal fans is that this allows us to work 7 days a week and almost 24 hours a day. Due to the constant fixes throughout each day, it is quite a challenge to summarize the state of The Universim game as a whole. 

You can find more information about updates though our Discord Server or reading our forum posts here. We highly recommend that you subscribe to our Newsletter. You can do that by clicking here. With each new update we will keep you posted with the detailed breakdown on new features and bug fixes.

Recent Updates
V23 - El Pacino Update (January 3rd 2018)

  • Playable to the Pre-Medieval Era
  • Wolves Added
  • Pre-Medieval Cemetery Upgrade
  • Pre-Medieval Fishing Hut Upgrade
  • Pre-Medieval Warehouse Upgrade
  • Archive Upgrade
  • New Ability / Profession - Courier
  • And lots of additional Updates and Bug Fixes

For a more detailed list of updates in the V23 - El Pacino Update, please visit our forum post.

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