Help! Game keeps crashing

So your game keeps crashing and you don't know why. Well, here you will find some helpful links to get you up and going again.

Most common reasons for game crashes are due to outdated video and sound drivers. So it is always best to keep those up-to-date for a smooth running gaming experience. Below are some links to help you find the most common video card drivers

(Please note, your specific video card could need proprietary drivers. So don't forget to check your computer manufacturers website as well)

Sound drivers a bit more tricky to locate drivers for. Most the time, these drivers can be found through your motherboard manufacturers support page or if you have an actual sound card, you can use that manufacturers website.

I updated all my drivers and the game is still crashing! Help!!!

Yup, this can happen and amazingly, it could still be your video drivers. In rare instances, the updated drivers did not fully uninstall the previous drivers and now they are conflicting with each other. So the best thing to do is start fresh by removing pre-existing driver files.

And we have some help for you to ensure that your old driver files truly get removed before installing those nice new up-to-date drivers. has a great article related to this that can be found here, so click the link and get those drivers cleaned up and then install those new ones!

Ok, I've done all that, but my game is still crashing :'(

Well that was unexpected... normally we should be up and running good by now.

So from this point, you will need to contact our support team. So click the Support button in the bottom right corner (or if your using our support button, choose the unhappy face in the bottom right). From there, you can use one of our contact methods to report your ongoing issue.